Monsteers Artistry Ltd is not just representation for artists, it is a collaboration of creative minds.
We are an ethical agency and Production company. This reflects on our reasonable pricing policy – we get paid when you do but, it also reflects in the way we work with each individual . Monsteers recognise that for each  talented person we represent, there is a unique goal in mind and one that is constantly evolving . We take an intuitive approach, helping you to achieve goals by setting strategic stepping stones to success.
Dreams can come true ! 
This agency is approachable. Even if we do not agree to represent you, we will provide you with constructive  feedback as to improvements which will help you to gain representation in future. We welcome people with various skill-sets.
  • Actors – stage, musical theatre, TV  and film
  • Singers
  • Song-writers
  • Bands
  • Voice-over artists
Note:  We do not currently take on models or Dancers.
Our Name:
The Monsteers name was created by merging two of our biggest inspirations , Marilyn Monroe – the timeless movie star and the epic Danielle Steers – currently a West-end superstar .
We have 18-years experience in negotiating contracts in the media industry and endeavour to get you the best and fairest deal possible. After all, we want you to succeed and with room to develop into the artist you long to be.