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Satisfyingly Scary– Online Horror piece. Located on Youtube . Released 6th July 2020.
Produced by Kyra Jessica Willis. Cast : David Sayers, Emma Reade-Davies, Chloe Hazel, Moneer Elmasseek, Georgre C .Francis, Halie Darling, PJ Tomlinson, Chris Barton, Abigail Hibbert, Lauren garner, Elliot Weaver, Ramsey Royden, Pippa Lea, Aren Johnston, Ben Frederick, Sean Erwood & Kyra Jessica Willis .
Inspired by Shakespeare. Released on the 8th June 2020 . Resides on Youtube Monsteers Artistry channel. Produced by Monsteers Artistry . Producers: Kyra Jessica Willis , Associate Producers: George C. Francis and Sean Erwood. Cast: Chloe Hazel, David Sayers, Emma Reade-Davies, Moneer Elmasseek, Pippa Lea, Sean Erwood, Halie Darling, Chris Barton, PJ Tomlinson, Ramsey Royden, Aren Johnston, Abigail Hibbert, Lauren Garner, Ben Fredericks. George C. Francis & Kyra Jessica Willis.
Sending Love in Lock down. A charity concert online raising money for Funds For Freelancers.
Produced by Kyra Jessica Willis , Cast: Rob Fowler , Sharon Sexton, Sean Kingsley, Alice Fearne, Sabrina Aloueche, Aimie Atkinson, Andrew Patrick-Walker, Luke Bayer, Stuart Boother, Emily Mae-Walker, Chloe Hazel, Aran MacRae, Lewis Asquith, Sooz Kempner, Toby Miles,Claire Marie-Hall, Jessica Cervi.
Twisted- Concert at Trafalgar Studos, Westend. Performed 9th Feb 2020.Winner of Best One off Westend Concert ( Westend Talks Awards) Produced By Monsteers Artistry Ltd. Producer Kyra Jessica Willis. Musical Director Steve Corley. Stage Manager Adeanne Hardy. Cast: Grace Mouat, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Cameron Burt, Lewis Asquith , Jessica Cervi, Emily-Mae Walker, Charlotte Anne Steen, Aran MacRae, Josie Kemp , Lauren Soley, Chloe Hazel, Chris Cameron, Esme Laudat,
The Feeling” Performed live between the 2nd and the 7th of September. Written and Produced by Kyra Jessica Willis. Musical Director: Connagh Tonkinson. Stage Manager Adeanne Hardy. Director : George C. Francis, Assistant Director: Chris Barton, Associate Producer: Halie Darling.

Venue : The Other Place.

PJ Tomlinson- Kasey
Chloe Hazel -Edie
Sean Erwood- Archie
Pippa Lea – Lexie
Halie Darling – Mel
Kyra Jessica Willis – Jessie
Chris Barton- Holt
George C. Francis – Jamie.
8th of May 2019 With Special Guest Ben Purkiss . Produced by Kyra Jessica Willis. Musical Director Ben Holder. Double concert performed live at The Museum of Comedy. 8th May 2019.