The Feeling

A Monsteers Artistry Production.

from left to right : Pippa Lea, Chloe Hazel, Kyra Jessica Willis, Halie Darling, George.C Francis , Chris Barton, Sean Erwood and PJ Tomlinson. photo credit Tara Jones
  • Written and Produced By Kyra Jesica Willis
  • Directed by George. C Francis
  • Executive producer Halie Darling
  • Assistant Director Chris Barton
  • Musical Director Connagh Tonkinson
  • Stage Manager Adeanne Hardy
  • Casting Director Tara Jones
Photo Credit Halven Productions
From left to right top : George. C Francis, Chris Barton,PJ Tomlinson
Middle left to right : Kyra Jessica Willis , Halie Darling,
Bottom left to right : Sean Erwood and Pippa Lea.
photo credit Darling photography.
credit: Halven Productions
Photo Credit Hardy
Photo credit Willis . Connagh Tonkinson, George. C Francis, Pj Tomlinson and Sean Erwood. Rehearsals.
Photo Credit : Halven Productions. Sean Erwood , PJ Tomlinosn, George.C Francis and Chris Barton. Here come the boys !
Photo Credit Jones . Christine Maia , Halie Darling and Kyra Jessica Willis. Rehearsals.
Credit Darling : HAlie Darling , Kyra Jessica Willis and Sean Erwood.