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Born and Raised in Hackney in East London, from a mixed English/ Egyptian heritage Moneer found his passion for acting from a young age, performing in school productions and creating films. After being Diagnosed high functioning autism as a child, Moneer decided to use his natural ability of close observation and empathy to drive head first into any particular characters thoughts, feelings and ideas. After graduating from Drama school, Moneer has been cast in several productions ranging from Shakespearean roles to Science fiction and aims to continue to follow his dream. Trained Extensively at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Generation Arts and the National Youth Theatre.

Theatre: Prince Harry – “The Royal Wedding” – Merlin – Boe O’Brien. 2017 Play – Zyncboy84 – “Court of Smiles” – The EL Shakespeare Company – Stefano Guerriero. Play – Andrew – “The Duke and the Architect” – Etcetera – Domminic Cannon. Play – Lancelot – “Merchant of Venice” – The EL Shakespeare Company – Jessie Ayertey.

Adverts: Advert –  Dothraki – “NowTV” – “WCRS” – Mark Denton. Advert Viking – “Shakti-Matt” – “Shakti-Matt – Glynn Ryland.

TV: Netflix series “The Lost Pirate Kingdom” Television Drama – Kyle Jesmond – “Silent Witness” – BBC – David Drury. Docu-Drama – Alexander Rodchenko – “Revolution” – BBC – Margy Kinmonth.

On Site Specific: Wind In The Willows- Greenford Quays Immersive – A Wonderful Adventure.

Feature Film: updating

Short Film: 2019 Short Film – Ben – “The Betrayal” – N/A – Moneer Elmasseek & Drou Cobstantinou. Short Film- Steven – “The Memory Box” JakeMcNeilfilms – Jake McNeil.

Online Cabaret: updating

Webseries: updated

Other Skills: Script Writing, Creative writing, Stage Management, Directing, Stage Combat, Horse Riding, White Crane Kung Fu, Improvisation, First Aid, Aquatic First Aid, Kayaking , canoeing, swimming, Photography.

Touring; The Buccaneer’s touring show – AMA Theatre.

Upcoming Performance’s: Theatre ” Alice In Wonderland” role Mad Hatter. Short Film “Red Riding” role The Wolf. Feature Film “The Truth Trip” role to be announced. Theatre Show “Haunted” role to be announced. Theatre Show “The Fall of Paris” role Hector. Short film ” You Don’t know us” Role of psychologist. Film “Lil’ Red” role of Wolfy, Role of Ethan Nightmare in ” Lights Out” Feature film- Monsteers Artistry.

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Netflix- The Lost Pirates 2021
2017 I- Theatre – Edward Bates – “1605” – London Dungeon – Richard Quincey
Headshot Moneer
Moneer has been creating his own Feature film. Fall Out. He hopes it will be completed this year.